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Bio-Rad_45022_ID-DiaCell ABO

ID-DiaCell ABO

ABO test cell reagents of human origin for Reverse Grouping

Bio-Rad_51051_DiaClon ABD-Confirmation for Donors

DiaClon ABD-Confirmation for Donors

ID-Card for the ABO/RhD blood group control of donors

Bio-Rad_50071_DiaClon ABORh for Newborns DVI-

DiaClon ABO/Rh for Newborns DVI-

ID-Card with monoclonal anti-D selected so as to not react with DVI variants

Bio-Rad_50140_Anti-A1 Absorbed

Anti-A₁ Absorbed

Reagent Anti-A₁ Absorbed agglutinates A₁ cells but reacts negatively or only weakly with A₂ cells

Bio-Rad_50560_DC-Screening II

DC-Screening II

ID-Cards used to differentiate results of a positive direct antiglobulin test (DAT)



The IH-QC Modular System is a compact and flexible solution, covering different guidelines


Unity Interlaboratory Program

Unity Data Management software added to IH-Com delivers a powerful and convenient quality monitoring tool

Bio-Rad_50961_DiaClon ABORh for Newborns DVI+

DiaClon ABO/Rh for Newborns DVI+

ABO/Rh for newborns DVI+ using monoclonal antisera. The anti-D used will not react with all examples of Dweak

Bio-Rad_50150_DiaClon Anti-H

DiaClon Anti-H

ID-Card with 6 microtubes containing anti-H, monoclonal, within the gel matrix



Expanded screening containing a set of 6 vials for IAT and enzyme test I, II, III, IV, V, VI


IH-QC Modular System

The IH-QC Modular System is a compact and flexible solution, covering different guidelines. It consists of 8 tubes containing human red blood cell suspensions to be combined according to your needs



BRiCare, Bio-Rad's remote support and monitoring system is a secured software application designed to increase instrument availability and reduce response time for technical support calls

Bio-Rad_50012_DiaClon ABORh for Patients

DiaClon ABO/Rh for Patients

ID-Card for forward typing of ABO, plus RhD (DVI neg.) and CDE, in a single test procedure

Bio-Rad_46170_ID-Partial RhD Typing Set

ID-Partial RhD Typing Set

ID-Anti-D kit for the typing of partial RhD


Coombs Anti-IgG

ID-Card of 6 microtubes containing anti-human globulin anti-IgG (rabbit) for antibody screening


ID-Titration Solution

The ID-Titration Solution is a dilution medium intended to be used for the titre determination of antibodies in patient and donor samples with the ID-System

Bio-Rad_06291_ID-I Negative Cell

ID-I Negative Cell


Reagents for ABO Blood Grouping

Monoclonal reagents for ABO and A subgroup typing by tube or slide testing.


Bio-Rad Enhanced Cybersecurity Program

Bio-Rad is committed to working with hospitals and laboratories to protect your systems and mitigate potential security risks to patients and operators

Bio-Rad_50492_DiaClon ABOD + DAT

DiaClon ABO/D + DAT

Complete profiling for ABO forward typing and RhD status in a single procedure