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At Bio-Rad, what we do matters — to ourselves, but more importantly to others.

Our mission is to provide useful, high-quality products and services that advance scientific discovery and improve healthcare. Together, Bio-Rad employees “advance discovery and improve lives.” These two objectives are the driving force behind every decision we make, from developing innovative ideas to building global solutions that help solve our customers' greatest challenges.

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Who is Bio-Rad?

We are a global team of innovators, leaders, creators, builders, and problem solvers. We develop state-of-the-art instruments and reagents for life science research laboratories and healthcare facilities all over the world. Our main focus is centered firmly on the success of our customers, and we consider their goals our goals. Together we are helping people everywhere live longer, healthier lives.


"Simply put, Bio-Rad’s Mission is to advance discovery and improve lives"
Norman Schwartz, President and CEO 


Since Bio-Rad's beginning more than 60 years ago in Berkeley, California, we have grown into a leader in the life science and clinical diagnostics industries, with a customer base spanning more than 150 countries. Today, Bio-Rad has grown to more than 8,250 employees, 150,000 customers, and over 10,000 products. We are a business of progress. We are a business of ideas. We are a business of discovery. 

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