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Reagents for Rh Blood Grouping

Monoclonal reagents for RhD, Rhesus phenotyping and Cʷ typing by tube or slide testing


The Seraclone Rh Grouping Reagents are monoclonal reagents intended for the determination of Rh antigens on human red blood cells. 

The Seraclone Rh reagents for the detection of the D antigen include Anti-D Blend and Anti-D 226. Anti-D Blend is suitable for testing at the IAT phase to detect weak D antigens (Dweak or Dvariant including D VI). Anti-D 226 is not appropriate for use in the IATphase. Anti-D 226 does not detect D VI red blood cells.

Additional Seraclone Rh reagents include Anti-C, Anti-c, Anti-E and Anti-e. These antisera require only a five minute RT incubation.

The Seraclone ABO+Rh Control is a negative control that can be used with any of the Seraclone ABO/Rh reagents.


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