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DiaClon RhD + Phenotype

Complete profile of the Rh phenotype and the monoclonal anti-D reagent has been selected so as not to react with variants DVI

Main features

  • High quality standard and high level of performance
  • Designed with an anti-DVI- for patient testing
  • Suitable profile for countries where K antigen is not prevalent but where D typing can be critical
  • Test protocol similar to all other ID-Cards
  • No incubation, fast result


This ID-Card DiaClon RhD + Phenotype is designed to determine the presence or the absence of the Rh antigens C, c, D, E, e on red blood cells, by using monoclonal anti-C (anti-RH2), anti-c (anti-RH4), anti-D (anti-RH1), anti-E (anti-RH3) and anti-e (anti-RH5) antibodies. Rh antigens are known to be immunogenic and may stimulate the production of alloantibodies in people who do not express the respective antigen in case of incompatibility during pregnancy or transfusion.

Bio-Rad 52030 DiaClon RhD + Pheontype.


Product (CE Name)

DiaClon RhD + Phenotype




C, c, DVI-, E, e, ctl

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