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DiaClon Rh-Subgroups + K

ID-Card for complete profiling of the Rh phenotype, including K-typing


This ID-Card offers a complete profiling of the Rh phenotype including K-typing. Besides the RhD antigen, other important antigens of the Rh system are: C, E, c and e. According to Issit, their frequencies in the Caucasian population are as follows: C: 70% / c: 80% / E: 30% / e: 98% Approximately 9% of the Caucasian population are K positive. The K antigen is strongly immunogenic. Anti-K has been reported as the cause of hemolytic transfusion reactions, both immediate and delayed, and hemolytic disease of the newborn.

Bio-Rad_50110_DiaClon Rh-Subgroups + K


Product (CE Name)

DiaClon Rh-Subgroups + K




C, c, E, e, K, ctl

Cell lines

C: MS-24

c: MS-33

E: MS-260

e: MS-16, MS-21, MS-63

K: MS-56

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