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DiaClon Anti-Lua

The DiaClon Anti-Lua Gel Card is a preformulated monoclonal gel card simply requiring the addition of the red cell suspension (in ID-Diluent 1).​


For most blood transfusions, it is sufficient to provide ABO/RhD-compatible donor units. However, when a recipient presents with a clinically significant alloantibody, additional phenotyping is required to aid in antibody identification and ensure that donor units are negative for the corresponding antigen.​

The DiaClon Anti-Lua Gel Card, compatible with the ID-System, facilitates complete antigen profiling. This helps ensure timely access to compatible donor units.​

ID-Card (Id-n°: 50311)​
* Configuration: 6 x Lua​
* Cell line: SpM78Dc6​

DiaClon Anti-Lua

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