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Bio-Rad Enhanced Cybersecurity Program

Bio-Rad is committed to working with hospitals and laboratories to protect your systems and mitigate potential security risks to patients and operators


Digital threats, including viruses, malware, and malicious code can be a threat to the integrity of patient results, treatment, and privacy. As online attacks grow, it becomes more important than ever for Bio-Rad to proactively defend your systems. Bio-Rad’s approach to cybersecurity utilizes the latest thinking in diagnostic system defenses to create a digital barricade against online threats.


System Firewalls
Does your system monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic?
Bringing a system online can revolutionize your workflow, but it can also expose your system to outside threats. Using system firewalls allows Bio-Rad to control the flow of information into and out of your diagnostic system to ensure that only safe and secure content is being shared.


Microsoft AppLocker
Is your system protected against malicious software?
AppLocker is being validated and deployed on Bio-Rad diagnostic systems across our portfolio. AppLocker will help control what programs and executable services can be run on your diagnostic system, preventing unwanted applications.


Is your system monitored to detect abnormal behavior?
Bio-Rad’s remote support and monitoring system is a secure software application designed to increase instrument availability and reduce response time for technical support calls. BRiCare also collects product cybersecurity related information which can be used to mitigate against a malware attack should the need arise.


Security Updates
Are you sure system security patches do not impact functionality or performance?
No operating software can anticipate every future cybersecurity threat. Security updates are the mechanism for responding to the latest vulnerabilities. EPIK (Easy Patch Install Kit) allows for automated installation of the latest compatible security updates that have been rigorously tested by  Bio-Rad before release.


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