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ID-DiaScreen Prophylax

Set of 6 vials for IAT for screening maternal samples after anti-D prophylaxis (with ID-Card LISS/Coombs or Anti-IgG)

Main features

  • Security: Delivery every 4 weeks, overlap in shelf life between 2 deliveries, several lots available
  • Safety: Five of six cells being RhD negative enables the detection of other significant antibodies than the anti-D
  • Flexibility: Available in different test configurations for manual use and automated systems


ID-DiaScreen Prophylax contains a set of 6 vials for IAT, to use with ID-Card LISS/Coombs or Anti-IgG for screening maternal samples after anti-D prophylaxis. It has been tested by serology for HLA Class-I antigens and includes:

  • One RhD positive and five RhD negative cells
  • Double dose for Fyᵃ, Fyᵇ, Jkᵃ, Jkᵇ, M, S and s
  • At least one cell positive for K, Leᵃ , Leᵇ, P1 and N
Bio-Rad_45660_ID-DiaScreen Prophylax


Product (CE Name)

ID-DiaScreen Prophylax




Set of 6 vials for IAT R₁R₂, r’r, r’’r, rr, rr, rr

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