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Expanded screening containing a set of 6 vials for IAT and enzyme test I, II, III, IV, V, VI

Main features

  • Security: Delivery every 4 weeks, overlap in shelf life between 2 deliveries
  • Safety: Detection of significant antibodies relevant for patients
  • Flexibility: Available in different test configurations for manual use and automated systems
  • Possible to order the native (untreated) and papainised separately or combined, depending on your needs
  • Compliant with guidelines*


*(Please refer to local/national guidelines.)


Expanded six-cell screening

  • All the features of 3-cell screening
  • PLUS two papain-treated cells
  • PLUS one cell Kp(a+)
  • PLUS one cell Lu(a+)




Product (CE Name)



45070, 45200, 45210


Set of 6 vials for IAT and enzyme test I, II, III, IV, V, VI (R₁ʷR₁, R2R2, rr,Kpᵃ/R₁ʷR₁, R₂R₂ papainized)


Set of 4 vials for IAT, I, II, III, IV (R₁ʷR₁, R₂R₂, rr, Kpᵃ)


Set of 2 vials for enzyme test V, VI (R₁ʷR₁, R₂R₂ papainized)

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