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ID-DiaCell ABO

ABO test cell reagents of human origin for Reverse Grouping

Main features

  • Good stability
  • Reactive at room temperature
  • Large mixture of IgM and IgG



All ID-DiaCell ABO test cell reagents are of human origin, in a buffered suspension medium at 0.8% (+/- 0.1%). Isoagglutinins (natural occurring antibodies, anti-A, anti-B, anti-AB) are cold reactive antibodies which react best at 4°C. However, they are also reactive at room temperature and may react at 37°C. They involve a mixture of IgM and IgG, with the largest proportion belonging to the IgM class.

Bio-Rad_45022_ID-DiaCell ABO


Product (CE Name)

ID-DiaCell ABO


45022, 45082, 45352, 45092, 06012, 06022, 06032, 06042


Set of 4 vials A₁, A₂, B, O
Set of 3 vials A₁, A₂, B
Set of 3 vials A₁, B, O
Set of 2 vials A₁, B
Single vial: A₁
Single vial: A₂
Single vial: B
Single vial: O