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ID-Card containing 6 microtubes containing anti-human globulin anti-IgG (rabbit) and C3d

Main features

  • Standardization: User friendly, easy to adopt with simple and standardized protocols
  • Security: High level of sensitivity combined with a perfect specificity level
  • Safety: No washing steps required without risk of false negative result
  • Flexibility: Up to 6 tests per ID-Card with different test configurations for manual use and automated systems


The most important function of the polyspecific AHG reagent is to detect the presence of IgG. The importance of anti-complement in the AHG reagent is debatable since antibodies detectable only by their ability to bind complement are rather rare. However, anti-C3d activity is important for the DAT in the investigation of autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA). A positive DAT generally indicates that the red cells are coated in vivo with immunoglobulin and/or complement.

Bio-Rad_50531_LISS-Coombs_Direct-Antiglobulin-Test (DAT)


Product (CE Name)





6 x AHG (Anti-IgG + C3d)

Cell line

C3d: cell line C139-9


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