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DiaClon ABD-Confirmation for Patients

ID-Card for the ABO/RhD blood group control of patients


The ID-Card DiaClon ABD-Confirmation for Patients can be used for the ABO/RhD blood group control of patients. Current recommendations for RhD typing suggest that, for transfusion recipients and antenatal patients, anti-D reagents should not detect the DVI phenotype.

Individuals possessing the DVI phenotype may produce an anti-D to the missing epitopes after immunization by fetal or transfused RhD positive cells. To ensure that appropriate therapeutic measures are instigated, a DVI patient's red cells should be assigned RhD negative status. Conversely, donor bloods should be tested with anti-D that does detect DVI and assigned RhD positive status, to avoid the unit being transfused to an RhD negative or partial-D patient.

Bio-Rad_50053_DiaClon ABD-Confirmation for Patients


Product (CE Name)

DiaClon ABD-Confirmation for Patients




A, B, DVI-/A, B, DVI-

Cell lines

A: LM297/628 (LA-2)

B: LM306/686 (LB-2)

D: TH28, RUM-1, LDM1