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ID-Antigen Profile II

ID-Antigen Profile card require only the addition of the red cell suspension in ID-Diluent 1


Transfusions are made with ABO and RhD and compatible blood. In certain cases, Rh phenotypes and K status are also taken into account. Other blood group antigens are generally not considered. However, when a clinically significant antibody is present, appropriate antigen-negative blood should be used. For such cases, the rapid availability of fully typed donor blood is of great advantage. The ID-System facilitates complete antigen profiling. In the ID-Cards ID-Antigen Profile II, the gel suspensions contain the corresponding antibodies, requiring only the addition of the red cell suspension (in ID-Diluent 1).

Bio-Rad_50380_ID-Antigen Profile II


Product (CE Name)

ID-Antigen Profile II




k, Kpᵃ, Kpᵇ, Jkᵃ, Jkᵇ, ctl

Cell lines

Jkᵃ: MS-15

Jkᵇ: MS-8 k/Kpᵃ/Kpᵇ human antibodies